Thursday, July 16, 2009

Artist's Statement

I am exploring personal and cultural issues of sexuality, masculinity, race, gender, and humor and simultaneously focusing on how our brains process information. While making my work I question thoughts by observing them, like in meditation practice; observing that the mind thinks and that thoughts arise.

Although the social commentary is an important aspect, there is also plenty of room for interpretation and reflection by the viewer. Because the works are created using an intuitive approach, aspects evolve that might not have been planned.

The rich tradition of oil painting and its history is a foundation; I find that the altered books and collage techniques, in combination with the tradition of painting, create a new whole that is reflective of our current time.

History Books embody the idea of historical information, once thought to be true and real, now outmoded and obsolete as they are replaced by the internet. The density of the visual imagery in this work also connotes the effects of media, advertising, and the internet, although in these pieces more provocative combinations are being presented in a unique way.

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