Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Excursions: Recharge Your Creative Spirit

For those of us who live in and around Chicago there never seems to be a shortage of cool places to go and interesting things to do. And yet all too often we find ourselves getting into a rut or a routine, and even when visiting friends and family come to town and demand our services as tour guides, we look to the obvious solutions and end up in the same places.

Recharge your own creative spirit by treating yourself to a solo excursion to a nearby gem, The Elmhurst Art Museum. By going on your own, opportunities arise to explore your own thoughts, soak up the beautiful surrounding park, and enjoy the quiet of the galleries. Creative ideas often emerge from a well prepared mind that is at rest.

The Elmhurst Art Museum is worth seeing no matter what exhibits are on display. The McCormick house, one of only two Mies van der Rohe residential homes, was moved to this site in one of Elmhurst's parks and then the new museum was built onto it. In this way, the home was preserved (and is mainly used as office and meeting space, but visitors can see and experience the house) and the new construction harmonizes with the Mies van der Rohe architectural aesthetic.

The EAM website will allow you to check back about specific exhibits next time you are looking for a great destination for guests. And the museum is only blocks away from Elmhurst’s bustling shopping and eateries. Recharge your own creative spirit by adding The Elmhurst Art Museum to your creative list of destinations; your friends and family will thank you.

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